Frequently asked questions

When an emergency situation occurs, it is vital that the authorities can reach the affected population as quickly and directly as possible. Alertswiss collects every detail regarding incidents in Switzerland, making it an information platform that can protect and save lives. The national Alertswiss app sends you alerts, warnings and information on a wide range of hazards directly to your smartphone. In addition to these reports, you can access extensive information on the given incident or hazard on the Alertswiss website.

Alertswiss is a project that is jointly managed by the federal and cantonal authorities. Here, the Federal Office for Civil Protection (FOCP) works with its partners and the cantons to protect the public.

Reports are issued by the competent services within the civil protection network. As such, responsibility for the report content rests solely with these services. Their names appear at the end of every report.

The Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP operates and provides the infrastructure for this website and the Alertswiss app.

All reports which appear on the Alertswiss app are issued by the competent official authorities. Security measures (integrity protection) are in place to ensure that only reports from authorised providers appear on the Alertswiss app.

All reports are shown in the Reports tab. They remain valid until the all-clear is given or they are deleted. All-clears are shown in green.

The app is available for iOS and Android systems. There are currently no plans to make it available for Windows.

All up-to-the-minute reports and information are also posted on the Alertswiss website: https:www.alert.swiss. The website is optimised for smartphones and tablet devices.

  • USB content (photos/media/files): in order to let you export the emergency plan, it is stored on the USB memory. The app therefore must also be able to access the USB memory in order to import an emergency plan.
  • Search for accounts on the device: To benefit from push notifications, you need to have a Google account.
  • Disable sleep mode: required for receiving push notifications.

Go to Settings and click on the Configure button in Favourites to manage the cantons on your list.

The push notification service sends you reports for the cantons on your favourites list, and for your current location (if you have activated this service) as soon as this information is released. This lets you receive updates in real time on the ongoing incident or hazard. Please note that your smartphone needs to have a live internet connection to receive push notifications.

Yes, but you need to activate the Current location reports service. The app will then be able to access your mobile phone’s location services and therefore identify where you are and send you the relevant push notifications.

The most likely reason is that the push function is currently disabled. Go to Settings to activate this service. Also, your operating system (iOS or Android) has to authorise the app to send push notifications to your device. We recommend that you add the cantons to your Favourites and activate the Current location reports service (GPS).

The Alertswiss App automatically adopts your device’s language settings. To switch languages, you therefore need to change your device’s language settings. The Alertswiss app is available in German, French, Italian and English.

Yes. If you want to load data, make sure that your device has an active internet connection. Please remember that the app only provides reports for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. If you require information on an incident abroad, please contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned.

In an emergency, you may be faced with fundamental questions: How do I contact my friends and relatives? Where do I go? What do I take with me? A current emergency plan helps you to respond rapidly and correctly, so that you and your family are protected as well as possible. We recommend discussing the emergency plan with your friends and relatives and checking it annually to ensure that it is still up-to-date.

If you wish to share your emergency plan with friends or relatives we recommend that you download the PDF version from the website, which you can then fill out, save, print or send to others by e-mail.